Tealeaf Offers Insight to Mobile Customer Behavior

Wednesday Nov 26th 2008 by Vangie Beal

For e-commerce business owners who want to capitalize on the m-commerce trend, Tealeaf offers analytics for the growing mobile shopper base.

Tealeaf Offers Insight to Mobile Customer Behavior Customer experience management (CEM) software and even basic Web site analytic software, such as Google Analytics, can tell you a lot about your desktop users, but there is an entire group of user data being left — customers who are transacting on your site with mobile devices.

Tealeaf, a company specializing in CEM software, just announced several new offerings, including the Tealeaf CX Mobile Experience Manager, which can be used by e-commerce businesses to gain insight on how their mobile customers, therefore giving them the information they need to provide a better mobile customer experience.

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