Oracle OpenWorld: Bashing, CRM, BI and Fusion Apps

Thursday Sep 23rd 2010 by David Needle

In his keynote address, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison bashed, SAP and IBM — and said the company is adding business intelligence to its applications.

In his OpenWorld keynote address yesterday, Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) CEO Larry Ellison reiterated his criticism of CRM rival (NYSE: CRM), threw in some jabs at SAP (NYSE: SAP) too, and also managed to discuss some of the company's products while he was at it.

Perhaps most interesting was Ellison's statement that Oracle is building business intelligence into its applications — which opened the door for a dig at IBM (NYSE: IBM).

Instead of offering separate business intelligence analysis tools, Ellison said Oracle is building BI into its applications. "IBM says business intelligence is one of its fastest-growing businesses, but we don't think of it as something separate. We think business intelligence should be everywhere," Ellison said.

"We thought you should provide up-to-the-minute information, instead of after the fact," he added. "Like, 'If I approve this discount, will I still make money?' or 'What product should I recommend next to this specific customer?'"

Oracle also updated its Business Intelligence Applications at the show.

For more on Ellison's keynote address, see Oracle's CEO Holds Court on Salesforce, Fusion and More at CIO Update.

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