New R Interface for Oracle Data Mining

by EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

The R Interface to Oracle Data Mining allows R users to access the power of Oracle Data Mining in-database functions using the familiar R syntax.

Oracle has announced support of R, the open-source language for statistical analysis. As mentioned in this PC World article, R Interface support is available as a user interface for Oracle's Data Mining software that is aimed at the many statisticians and data analysts who work with R but don't know SQL or Oracle's database technology well.

"Oracle's new interface is entirely external to its software, consisting of function wrappers that pass information between the R environment and the database as PL/SQL queries, according to the blog post. P>"Although the interface is downloadable at no charge, R users would still have to invest in Oracle products. The vendor's Data Mining database option is listed at US$23,000 for a processor license, plus annual support, according to an official price list."

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  This article was originally published on Tuesday Jun 1st 2010
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