Netezza Announces TwinFin For Advanced Workload Analytics

by EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

The TwinFin appliance will include advanced analytics capabilities and a new release of the Netezza Performance Software.

Netezza Corporation has announced the second wave of the Netezza TwinFin data warehouse appliances at their Enzee Universe annual user conference. According to the company's news release, the appliance will be available in the third quarter of this year, and will include the i-Class advanced analytics capabilities together with a new release of the Netezza Performance Software (NPS).

"'This second wave of the TwinFin appliance significantly extends product capability and performance,' said Jim Baum, president and CEO, Netezza. 'Not only does this software release double performance and data capacity, massively improve our workload management capability, but by including i-Class technology, we will raise the bar in terms of the analysis that is possible. We believe the TwinFin appliance achieves faster, cheaper and deeper analytics than any other product in the market and will serve as a key component of the Intelligent Economy.'

"Beyond raw performance and advanced analytics, this second wave of the Netezza TwinFin appliance significantly enhances workload management capabilities, allowing customers to run even more complex and diverse workloads across very large user populations. Administrators can use these capabilities to effectively allocate system resources among groups of users and isolate the impact of diverse workloads executing simultaneously on the appliance."

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  This article was originally published on Monday Jun 28th 2010
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