Business Intelligence (BI) Purchase Pitfalls

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There are several pitfalls to be wary of when purchasing a business intelligence solution.

Business Intelligence (BI) is expected to be one of the fastest-growing software segments in the coming years. Solutions range in size and complexity, and this IT World article suggests that organizations approach the BI purchasing decision with competence in planning and execution.

"SMBs typically have simple IT environments and modest analytical and reporting needs, which make product selection much easier, and most SMBs use only a fraction of the functionality available in a BI tool. Most, if not all, BI toolsets will adequately address their needs, so they can focus more on selection factors such as cost and ensuring they have the right skills in-house to maintain the solution post-implementation.

"For larger rollouts, there are more factors to consider. But many BI projects are primarily IT-focused, with too little involvement from the business, said Doherty. BI is a tool for business users and its main value lies in the insights it provides to end-users, who can make more effective strategic and operational decisions. Business users should be an integral component of a BI project, he said, from initial planning and business case development through to requirements elicitation and product selection."

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  This article was originally published on Thursday May 6th 2010
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