Hyundai Selects FICO Transaction Analytics

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FICO Transaction Scores will help the company identify its high-risk and high-value customers.

FICO has announced that Hyundai Card Co., Ltd., is implementing FICO Transaction Scores to strengthen its risk management and marketing programs. As mentioned in this Business Wire news release, FICO analytics will help Hyundai to make more targeted offers designed to retain key customers.

"'Growth in the card business today is a matter of strengthening risk controls on the one hand and capturing a larger share of wallet on the other, FICO Transaction Scores are based on a customer’s card usage patterns and updated with every transaction authorization, yielding a more precise and current assessment of customer risk and purchase behavior that can be used to target cardholder decisions. Hyundai also plans to use FICO Transaction Scores to match credit offers and rewards to a customer’s needs, improving response rates and increasing customer satisfaction.""

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  This article was originally published on Friday Aug 6th 2010
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