SAP Mobile CRM for iPhones

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The new Sybase for SAP CRM iPhone app offers lots of features and security too.

According to this Ecommerce Times review, the Sybase for SAP CRM iPhone app offers a range of features necessary to a mobile sales professional, plus, it's secure, without getting in the way of the user enjoying easy access to other iPhone apps. The Sybase for SAP CRM iPhone app also lets users create custom reports from their phones.

"Sybase has only recently formally entered the SAP (NYSE: SAP) corporate family. However, the two companies have collaborated on software integration projects for years: hence, the introduction of Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM, a native iPhone app.

"When designing the app, Sybase took the iPhone user needs into account, Bryan Whitmarsh, senior product manager in the mobile enterprise solutions division of Sybase, told CRM Buyer."

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  This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 17th 2010
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