The Self-Service Business Intelligence Trend

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Self-service business intelligence looks to be the next big wave in business intelligence.

According to a recent Aberdeen Group report, 67% of "best in class" companies and 21% of all businesses have adopted some form of self-service business intelligence. As noted in this article on ComputerWorld, self-service BI looks to be the next big wave in business intelligence, industry experts agree. In a January 2010 report, Gartner, Inc. pointed to growing demand among business organizations for a 'data discovery tool architecture' that not only provides end users with data and reports, but also enables them to navigate and visualize the data in a 'surf and save' mode.

"These tools are being put to any number of uses: For predictive insights, to bring BI information to non-technical users, to accommodate high-level analysts who need ad-hoc reports right away and to allow different types of users to collaborate and share information and views. Self-service BI tools come from the likes of SAP BusinessObjects, Tibco and Information Builders, as well as some small, up-and-coming providers."

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  This article was originally published on Tuesday Dec 14th 2010
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