ChartWise Offers Advanced BI Reporting for Medical Systems

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The new version of ChartWise:CDI introduces advanced reporting based on MicroStrategy's business intelligence platform.

ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc. has recently introduced its new Advanced Reporting, based on MicroStrategy's business intelligence platform. As noted in this news release on MarketWire, ChartWise:CDI is a software program that assists hospitals with improving the quality and completeness of their clinical documentation in order to help optimize DRG-related reimbursements, reduce audit risk and provide oversight and compliance.

"Available with the ChartWise:CDI application, the Advanced Reporting business intelligence functionality allows users to dig beyond the already robust standard reports, permitting detailed reporting and comprehensive analysis of the documentation data. Business intelligence technologies feature interactive data exploration, drill-downs, scorecards, dashboards, automated report creation, and report distribution and alerts. The new functionality in ChartWise:CDI will provide hospitals with advanced tools to access key financial metrics along with the data to measure clinical documentation program effectiveness."

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  This article was originally published on Wednesday Mar 2nd 2011
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