Business Intelligence Software: What Are Your Options?

by Jonathan Hassell

Companies see their data as a potential goldmine — and business intelligence as the tool that will help them extract that gold. A look at some key players in the BI software market.

The business intelligence software market has been growing even in a down economy, as enterprises hope that smarter analytics can help them turn corporate data into money. Datamation offers an overview of the BI software market, with a look at key players such as SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos, Oracle, Microsoft, Information Builders, SAS and Pentaho.

The business intelligence software market is one of the hottest areas in technology today. Companies are clearly getting on board: so many corporations have so many different systems, all with data that, if sliced and diced correctly, could (hopefully) lead to real business insight.

Not surprisingly, many vendors serve this market, including the larger companies that you would expect, along with smaller players that have unique offerings and value additions.

Let's take a survey of some key offerings in the business intelligence space, their claims to fame, and what they have to offer.


Read the full story, Business Intelligence Software: Key Applications, at Datamation


  This article was originally published on Friday Aug 13th 2010
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