MicroStrategy BI Cloud Platform Connects Facebook with Enterprises

by Vangie Beal

The company is offering a new business intelligence cloud service and Facebook Gateway for enterprise customers.

Business intelligence (BI) software provider MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) has introduced its cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and announced a new Facebook Connect Gateway for enterprise customers.

Called "MicroStrategy Cloud," the company says it is the first cloud-based service to enable rapid and cost-effective development of business intelligence, mobile and social apps.

MicroStrategy Cloud makes the complete MicroStrategy BI platform available as a cloud-based service. Subscribers have unlimited access to the full suite of MicroStrategy technology for reporting and analysis, enabling users to tap into enterprise data from their desktop or mobile device, improving insight and business decision making, said MicroStrategy.

In addition to the cloud-based BI platform, MicroStrategy also introduced Gateway for Facebook, a new cloud-based service that can interconnect enterprise IT environments and enterprise applications with the Facebook social graph.

Gateway for Facebook converts the Facebook social graph data structure into a relational data structure, making it instantly suitable for enterprise applications like CRM, marketing, service, sales, loyalty, and mobile applications. Gateway offers bidirectional data flow so that social intelligence from Facebook can be added to enterprise applications, and enterprise applications can interact back with the social network, said MicroStrategy.

"As we help companies leverage the rich and continuously refreshed data generated by Facebook, we will also provide the tools that enable them to effectively engage their customers and build brand loyalty with more meaningful, personalized communications," stated MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor. "MicroStrategy's Gateway for Facebook is a major milestone in our company's history as we help companies grow and monetize their customer relationships."

With Gateway, a wide range of developers and technologies will be able to inject social intelligence, personalization, and social interactivity into their applications. This includes Microsoft Windows developers, mobile app developers for Apple iOS and Google Android, and ERP systems from Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Even custom-built Facebook applications can use the Gateway as a simpler and more efficient access mechanism, particularly when the queries require a real-time response.

With the new BI cloud platform and Facebook Gateway, MicroStrategy said it has further established its intention to be a leader in the emerging social applications space.

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  This article was originally published on Monday Jul 25th 2011
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