How to Improve Customer Experience on a Tight Budget

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Customer experience improvements don't have to be expensive as there are many low-cost initiatives to consider.

Customer experience improvements can be achieved through tactical low-cost initiatives. According to this guide on My Customer, there are a number of ready-made and easily tapped sources that can be plumbed. The starting point for any tactical initiative is a 100 percent focus on customers.

"The first source is the business’ CRM system, which should track complaints and service requests. Complaints highlight where the business is failing to get the basics right such as delivering late or incorrect products and quantities, defective quality, etc. The drivers of customer satisfaction and drivers of customer delight are different – delivering the wrong product will cause customers dissatisfaction but delivering the right one won’t generate delight – but it is impossible to delight customers unless there is a foundation of consistently reliable product and service quality.

"Service requests provide a different perspective on how the experience can be improved – what can the business do so that customers do not need to make such requests. In customer service terms, the best service is no service – the customer does not have to take the time to call, the business needs less staff to receive the calls. Service requests highlight where the business can enhance service by being more proactive, ideally using automated processes and self-service."

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  This article was originally published on Friday Oct 1st 2010
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