BatchBlue Redesigns its Social CRM Software

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The new Social CRM software, BatchBook, now offers new features and Sociotoco integration.

BatchBlue Software has announced the latest updated version of its flagship software, BatchBook. The redesign, which the company claims to be mainly based on customer feedback, offers users better usability, more flexibility for managing the Deals pipeline, a new Dashboard widget for monitoring comments within BatchBook, and a brighter, cleaner overall appearance.

In the company's news release, BatchBlue Software also said that the the redesign includes a new partner integration with Sociotoco, a social media management agency, which will allow users to identify social media accounts of their contacts.

"In addition to layout and esthetic changes, BatchBlue has added a high-level 'customer touchpoints' data snapshot, which provides communication history of when the record was created, last updated, its most recent communication date and total number of communications for that contact. In addition, personalized details for every contact now can be dragged and dropped into a record and rearranged so that users can view details in a format that works best for them and their businesses routines.

"'While social CRM is one of the hottest topics in social media this year, most people just talk about it and few actually implement it,' said Jurgen Appelo, CIO of Sociotoco. 'BatchBlue proves that it is leading in the social CRM space by integrating the social search capabilities of Sociotoco into their product. Searching contacts in social networks is only the beginning of what can be achieved with social CRM. It's exciting to explore what will follow.'

  This article was originally published on Friday Apr 16th 2010
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