CRM Choices From Proprietary to Open-Source

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Extreme CRM Makeover details a company's CRM solution from initial matching of requirements through to implementation.

There are lots of CRM choices available, ranging from very expensive to cheap, proprietary to open source, traditional client/server to cloud based. This new CRM Makeover article on Network World follows a company's CRM process from initial matching of requirements through to implementation.

"Too many people we speak to say that CRM 'could do so much more, but we don't use everything it is capable of'. In our take on the reality show we are going to let the CRM folks push the envelope and strut their stuff. Rolling out a CRM is not just an add water process. There are many things to be done. CRM as a service or CRMaaS if you will certainly can make it easier. But you don't have to subscribe to Salesforce.com, be locked into that platform and pay those fees to use CRMaaS. Many solutions including open source choices offer a service option as well."

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  This article was originally published on Tuesday Jun 29th 2010
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