Salesforce.com Moves Beyond CRM to Enterprise Software

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The company is heading towards being an enterprise as a service technology company.

As noted in this GigaOM story, with Chatter, the AppExchange, Force.com, and VMforce it looks like this CRM as a service company is looking to be more than just a sales tool. The article also suggests that this is more than just Salesforce.com grappling with its market perception, as others in enterprise software consider it a threat as well.

"Clearly it is seen as the quintessential SaaS company — but out of necessity for continued growth, it has moved beyond this — Chatter, the AppExchange, Force.com, VMforce are all examples of Salesforce.com wanting to be much more than a simple (or even complex) sales tool. Initially Force.com created a programming platform to allow Salesforce.com customers to significantly broaden the functionality of their applications while the AppExchange created a marketplace for developers to sell those applications. More recently Chatter has sought to broaden the impact of Salesforce.com by creating a social feature set while VMforce moves decidedly down the stack in an effort to offer a platform as a service."

Read the Full "Salesforce.com – So Much More Than CRM" Story at GigaOM

  This article was originally published on Wednesday Aug 4th 2010
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