Gifts To Give Your CRM Users

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5 things you can give users to help them deliver better results with CRM.

According to CRM Buyer, it is always the season to think about improving how your employees use CRM. In this article CRM Buyer offers five things you can give your users to help them deliver better results with CRM in sales, service and marketing.

"Data that helps them do their jobs, not data that helps managers criticize their work: Sales guys often complain that CRM is merely a tool to help sales managers find things to complain about. While it is useful for examining trends, it should also provide real-time help to your sales people (and marketers and service personnel, for that matter).

"Examine your CRM system closely, and look for features that can feed critical data to your staff as it's discovered. If you can't find those features, look around in the market for tools that integrate with CRM systems to feed them data on important customer activities -- orders, website visits, responses to marketing initiatives, etc.

"While your sales managers should still be able to get data on performance, your sales team should be able to give you feedback on the tools you provide them in return."

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  This article was originally published on Wednesday Dec 29th 2010
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