LifeFX's Life-Like Virtual Humans Debut In Email, Heading For CRM

by EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

LifeFX Facemail enables users to experience a more human and engaging means of communication. In the future, it will help personalize customer-managed relationships.

WAYNE, PA--A new product released Wednesday brings face-to-face communication to e-mail. LifeFX, a partner company of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc., released its flagship product, LifeFX Facemail. It allows e-mail via lifelike, human faces instead of the standard text.

"Not only does LifeFX offer a truly innovative infrastructure standard for lifelike communications over the Internet, but LifeFX Facemail is a first step in moving customer relationship management to the next level," said Harry Wallaesa, President and Chief Operating Officer, Safeguard Scientifics. "We are pleased to see LifeFX has successfully met its milestone to commercialize its revolutionary technology."

LifeFX Facemail is the company's first milestone in their plan to provide a face for Internet communications. In the future, they plan to license what they call Stand-In Technology to Customer Relationship Management vendors to enable personalized customer-managed relationships. The company believes human interaction has been missing in Internet communication and that LifeFX Facemail brings a new level of human interaction to online activities.

Using patented technology originally created for professional medical applications at the University of Auckland, LifeFX's life-like, interactive humans were created by combining anatomical mapping expertise from the medical community with advanced special effects from the entertainment industry.

  This article was originally published on Thursday Dec 14th 2000
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