Report: CRM Requires Sound IT Strategy

by eCRMGuide.com Staff

The report, from Best Practices, LLC, says leading companies craft sophisticated IT strategies to provide enhanced customer service.

CHAPEL HILL, NC--In a report released by Best Practices, LLC, it was found that leading companies craft sophisticated IT strategies to provide enhanced customer service and that organizations that ignore IT's escalating role in customer relationship management allow competitors to steadily erode their customer bases with advanced customer service tools.

The report, called "Global IT Strategy: Driving Market Success," says that companies are using IT tools to forge stronger relationships with end customers. It mentions one particular company with sales of $3 billion that recently launched a website that unites the company, channel partners, and customers. All parties transact business and complete administrative functions on the site. According to the report, this IT functionality boosts opportunities for enhanced customer service, increases the company's knowledge of its partners and customers, and ultimately drives higher sales.

Since companies execute advanced IT strategies through a series of carefully designed steps, the report used leading practices, managerial insights and benchmark metrics drawn from lessons learned interviews with 58 companies in numerous industries to analyze these essential steps to IT success.

Best Practices says project analysts identified the following key drivers in devising effective IT strategies:

  • Design future technology strategy based on organizational needs and market demands.
  • Align global IT strategy with company goals to drive ongoing growth.
  • Demonstrate early successes and continuous benefits to produce executive and organizational support.
  • Employ the Internet and new advanced tools to drive market successes.
  • Provide sufficient resources for implementation and operational excellence to ensure usage and value creation.

"Effective IT management is the modern company's most powerful CRM tool," notes Chris Bogan, CEO of Best Practices, LLC. "A cohesive, integrated IT strategy allows companies to provide world-class service, build amazing customer loyalty, and drive higher sales."

The report is available for purchase at www.BenchmarkingReports.com.

  This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 17th 2001
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