Salesforce.com Introduces New CRM Features

by internetnews.com Staff

Global Customer Relationship Management gets a makeover by San Francisco's Salesforce.com.

Salesforce.com, a provider of online customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, today announced an upgraded version of its Web-based CRM application, increasing functionality to the marketing automation, sales force automation and customer service and support components.

The new features, such as multi-currency support, are aimed at global organizations to help them implement and manage a unified CRM solution across international operations. Saleforce.com says this can be done without the risk and cost associated with traditional client-server software.

Denis Pombriant, research director at Aberdeen Group says that products that are cost-effective and help generate revenue must be taken seriously in today's economy: "Global CRM implementation is a notoriously long, difficult and expensive process," he says.

"By upgrading our product, we are extremely responsive to our customers' demand for features that will support their growing success in global markets," says John Dillon, president and CEO of Salesforce.com.

The latest version of salesforce.com features: Enhanced Customization: A more customizable interface so customers can have greater control over the display of field and page layouts; Multi-Currency Support for organizations to generate sales forecasts and reports in multiple currencies; and enhanced Customer Service and Support allowing customers' self-service options enabling them to find their own answers.

Founded in 1999, Salesforce.com currently has more than 3,000 customers including Adobe Systems, Alamo Rent-a-Car, Autodesk Broadvision, First Union National Bank, Siemens, and Thomas Cook Global Services. The company upgrades its applications automatically every three months.

  This article was originally published on Thursday Sep 27th 2001
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