Sailthru Launches Advanced Analytics Platform

Pre-loaded analytics dashboards and data visualization tools help marketers derive insights from customer interactions and behavior trends, Sailthru says.

Sailthru, a provider of Big Data-driven automated marketing software that recently raised $20 million in funding, has introduced Advanced Analytics, an offering the company says enables marketers to identify revenue and retention opportunities from customer behavior trends and interactions with a given brand.

The software, which is built on Sailthru’s multichannel customer profiles, allows marketers to leverage existing features such as cohort analysis and market basket assessment to identify customer engagement and cross-sell opportunities.  Sailthru clients can use a custom data cube to drill several levels down into metrics and reports using visualization, and the software also offers the ability to compare near-term conversion data with lifetime value measures.

In addition, pre-loaded dashboards provide key insights differentiated by department. The dashboards include acquisition campaign performance and merchandising statistics, among others.

"Many marketers are optimizing for today and not thinking about tomorrow. That means looking at the data in a one or maybe two-dimensional way," said Cassie Lancellotti-Young, Sailthru's vice president of Data and Optimization. "With Advanced Analytics, our clients can drill a level deeper. For example, they might look at average order value based on first-time customers only, and then delineate between first-time customers who also watched a product video versus those who did not. This would ultimately allow a marketer to understand how a two-year lifetime value differs for the video watcher versus non and to optimize accordingly. "

Sailthru client Acumen Holdings, the parent company of Country Outfitters, is using Advanced Analytics to assess the effectiveness of its email marketing efforts, said Mark Smith, the company's senior manager of Email Marketing.  "We have also been able to use the platform to accurately measure our customer lifetime value; having one data repository gives us the full picture of the customer from acquisition to engagement to conversion and it’s changing the way we do business," he said.

Founded in 2008, Sailthru was named No. 30 on the 2013 Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies including No. 2 in New York and No. 6 in the advertising and marketing category.  Its clients include Fab.com, Thrillist/Jack Threads, Everlane, Huffington Post and Business Insider.

  This article was originally published on Monday Feb 3rd 2014
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