Xobni vs. DocVerse vs. Harmony

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A ReadWriteEnterprise article looks at three services designed to extend the functionality of Microsoft Outlook.

ReadWriteEnterprise's Alex Williams looks at three competing services which extend the functionality of Microsoft Outlook far beyond messaging.

"These services are quite similar," Williams writes. "Xobni has the longest track record. it started as a consumer-based service, gaining a following for its search capabilities in Outlook."

"Search is Outlook's inherent weakness," Williams notes. "Neither DocVerse nor Harmony have deep search capabilities like Xobni. That may only be a temporary issue for DocVerse. Last week, Google announced that it had acquired DocVerse. We expect that will in some way translate into better search in the weeks and months ahead for the DocVerse service."

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  This article was originally published on Thursday Mar 11th 2010
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