RPost Registered Email Messaging for FactorSoft

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RPost has partnered to offer Registered Email messaging as an option within the CADENCE|FactorSoft system.

Registered Email service provider, RPost have partnered to build Registered Email messaging as an option within the CADENCE|FactorSoft commercial lending system. The integration of services will enable users of CADENCE|FactorSoft to send business critical notices by Registered Email message with a few mouse strokes from within the system, helping to automate and speed invoice collections.

"'RPost’s Registered Email service receipts provide admissible evidence of Registered Email message delivery, official time sent and received, and authenticity of message content. By utilizing RPost services, we would also argue, not only is the email admissible, but the authentication of its content and context may lend it greater credence than traditional receipted mail, courier, and fax alternatives,' cites Jon Neiditz, head of the information management practice at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP. 'This is significant not only in adding to the weight of the evidence in general, but also because in addition to proving delivery of notices, factors must exercise 'control' over documents such as electronic chattel paper to ensure their enforceability under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. RPost's authentication techniques are likely to meet these ‘control’ requirements.'"

  This article was originally published on Tuesday Apr 20th 2010
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