Optimized Systems Provide Business Value

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IBM and Oracle both offer highly integrated hardware-software appliances that boost performance.

Most major IT vendors are rushing to market with appliance-like systems that have shown great potential in redefining the types of business value that truly innovative IT can offer. As reported on Global CIO, this new wave of optimized and deeply integrated hardware-software combinations known as optimized systems rushed to the forefront of IT innovation in 2010.

"Because these optimized systems can offer such significant improvements in speed, performance, throughput, power, and range of capabilities, and because they can also significantly reduce the amount of time and effort IT organizations have to devote to tinkering, tuning, tweaking, wiring, and integrating, the rise of these new purpose-built systems is my choice as the #1 development in our list of the Top 10 Tech Stories Of The Year."

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  This article was originally published on Thursday Dec 9th 2010
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