Vitria Extends Octopus' Meta Applications Reach

by Michael Singer

Partnership takes advantage of the BusinessWare platform and drag-and-drop interface to make one sterling CRM tool.

In the realm of customer relationship management (CRM) software, partnerships are key.

That's why Palo Alto, Calif.-based Octopus says it is working with Vitria Technology (NASDAQ:VITR) to enhance its CRM tool, known as Meta Applications.

The joint venture is a combination of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Vitria's popular BusinessWare integration platform with Octopus' drag-and-drop interface.

"The result is applications that are easily built to serve enterprise employees, customers, partners and suppliers in making critical, real-time business decisions that rely on data buried deep in their myriad enterprise systems," says Vitria VP of World Wide Alliances Pete Daffern.

The company say the Meta Applications go beyond the "My Page" mentality to personalize data from different sources. Octopus currently can cipher and organize some 200 enterprise software systems, including Oracle, PeopleSoft, Remedy and Broadvision.

"Vitria's technology strengths and ability to seamlessly access an immense portfolio of software applications broadens our reach into even more enterprise information sources than before," says Octopus CEO Steve Douty. "Our customers benefit by increasing the speed of implementing robust Meta Applications, while at the same time reducing costs. And Vitria's customers can now leverage the Octopus interface and applications to easily put previously hard-to-get information into the hands of business people making critical, real-time decisions."

The enhanced application is currently available from either company.

  This article was originally published on Thursday Aug 30th 2001
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