BA Consolidates Disparate Databases Into Single Enterprise-wide Data Warehouse

by EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

By having a single view across each of its transaction with each customer, British Airways will be able to improve its customer service further, increased revenue and reduce costs.

To handle its soaring customer and commercial data volumes in Asia, British Airways (BA) will consolidate these data into a single enterprise-wide data warehouse that runs on Teradata platform.

Previously, the company stored its entire customer and commercial data on multiple, disparate databases supplied by Teradata, Oracle and IBM.

By combining the data into a single platform, the new system will help the company improve its commercial decision-making, aided by complete knowledge of its customers' interactions with BA, including both buying patterns and service delivery.

In addition, with a single view across each of its transaction with each customer, the solution will help improve customer service, increased revenue and reduce costs.

Head of customer information of BA, Rob Thorne, explained: "To be able to offer our customers the services and products they want as best we can, it is essential to have access to a single, consistent view of each customer and each product they buy."

Dccording to him, this solution also complements BA's recent 'Ocean Wave' project, in the warehouse environment, which consolidated its operational use of customer data into a single record.

The airline chose the newly implemented platform for several reasons. One of which is scalability because BA's data volume is growing by at least 50 percent per year.

  This article was originally published on Friday Feb 8th 2002
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