The Pre-Crime Concept is Coming to Human Resources

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Social Intelligence data-mines social networks to help companies decide who it really wants to hire.

A startup called Social Intelligence says it data-mines social networks to help companies decide who they really want to hire. As reported on Datamation, Social Intelligence is the first company to systematically troll social networks for evidence of bad character.

"Using automation software that slogs through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, and 'thousands of other sources,' the company develops a report on the 'real you' -- not the carefully crafted you in your resume. The service is called Social Intelligence Hiring. The company promises a 48-hour turn-around.

"Because it's illegal to consider race, religion, age, sexual orientation and other factors, the company doesn't include that information in its reports. Humans review the reports to eliminate false positives. And the company uses only publically shared data -- it doesn't 'friend' targets to get private posts, for example.

"The company also offers a separate Social Intelligence Monitoring service to watch the personal activity of existing employees on an ongoing basis. The service is advertised as a way to enforce company social media policies, but given that criteria are company-defined, it's not clear whether it's possible to monitor personal activity."

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  This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 5th 2010
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