Meeting the Mobile App Management Challenge

Companies can employ enterprise app stores to offer employees a user-friendly way of accessing applications. More important, they also address security, procurement and access needs not met by consumer app stores.

A recent Enterprise Apps Today article offers some great advice on Taking Enterprise Apps Mobile, from assessing mobile app needs to creating a mobile app business case to deciding which devices to use for mobile apps.

Once that is done, companies must focus on the even more difficult work of managing their mobile apps. A slideshow on IT Business Edge that illustrates Seven Mobile App Management Myths discusses some common mobile app management challenges and offers possible solutions.

Not surprisingly, given that slideshow content was provided by App Central, a provider of enterprise app stores, several of the ideas involve using such stores to distribute and manage apps. The vendor isn’t the only one that thinks enterprise app stores are a good idea, however. Gartner said it expects 60 percent of companies will deploy private app stores by 2014.

For more information, An Enterprise Apps Today article on Retooling App Stores for the Enterprise discusses key differences between consumer and enterprise app stores and highlights trends in enterprise app stores, including the emerging idea that the stores can be used to distribute apps to both mobile and desktop users.

  This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 24th 2012
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