Five Timely Tips for Holiday E-Mail Marketing

by Vangie Beal

Last month, holiday e-mail campaigns were all about segmentation, not blasting. This month it's time to grow your list, build loyalty and capture new subscribers. We show you how.

Now that we are well into November, it's time to reassess — and adjust — your holiday e-mail marketing plans.

Ecommerce-Guide.com spoke with Luc Vezina, Campaigner's marketing chief, to find out what Web shop owners should be doing between now and Dec. 1 to optimize their holiday e-mail marketing efforts.

Tips for E-Mail Campaigning

In October the focus was on segmenting your list and testing subject lines. Vezina said that by November, hopefully merchants have done these administrative tasks and have looked through results of their own A/B (split testing) marketing tests.

This month, Vezina suggests merchants really cater to online shoppers, and reward their list members, not only to create a bond but to also continue growing their list in the last weeks leading up to the shopping frenzy. Here are five tips to employ this month.

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  This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 12th 2008
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