Applied Predictive Technologies Launches Adaptive Marketing Suite

by eCRMGuide.com Staff

APT says the product predicts customer behavior for both online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

ARLINGTON, VA--Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), a provider of adaptive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) marketing optimization software platforms for online and brick-and-mortar businesses, has launched its Adaptive Marketing Suite v1.0. The company says this is a first-of-its-kind product suite that leverages a company's existing CRM system or data gathering efforts and then predicts customer behavior to help companies optimize their marketing plans.

According to APT, the software is built on an extensible multi-algorithm platform, but has no excessive operating complexity. They say the products in the suite feature a patent-pending test and control interface that gives a user the ability to manage the extensible modeling platform, test marketing and retention campaigns and analyze program effectiveness.

"Businesses have been using predictive techniques to increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns for many years," says Jim Manzi, CEO of Applied Predictive Technologies. "Many of these traditional modeling approaches applied to marketing challenges, however, use only one predictive statistical technique. The technology behind the new Adaptive Marketing Suite assumes competing models for each business problem then selects the best approach."

APT says companies such as Mrs. Fields, Sara Lee, LendingTree.com, Shell-Texaco, Royal Dutch Ahold and eBags have used their existing marketing solutions. They claim the adaptive CRM product has been shown to increase per customer revenue up to 30%.

eBags, the largest online retailer of bags and accessories, recently implemented the online APT solution. "We have found APT software to be invaluable in managing our customer relationships for growth and profit," says Larry Martine, Director of Relationship Marketing for eBags. "The real-time test and control framework of the product enables us to accurately predict the best marketing approach for each customer. This has resulted in material, sustained increases in conversion and profit across our customer base."

APT says Adaptive Marketing Suite v1.0 features two products -- aptAdviser and aptRetailer -- that can be purchased separately by channel or together for what they say is a complete enterprise-wide marketing solution.

  This article was originally published on Thursday Dec 21st 2000
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