SSPA Creates Online Market Research Center

by eCRMGuide.com Staff

The Software Support Professionals Association says that through a Partnership with InsightExpress, Supportgate.com Community Members can create a customized customer satisfaction survey in minutes.

SAN DIEGO--The Software Support Professionals Association has announced the launch of the online Market Research Center in a Partnership with InsightExpress. According to the SSPA, Supportgate.com Community Members will be able to create their own customized customer satisfaction survey in minutes, on the Web, target their current and potential customers, and assess their opinions in just a few hours.

"InsightExpress has created a web-based customer satisfaction technology that changes the way service and support managers measure customer satisfaction," said Bill Rose, SSPA Founder/Executive Director. "Ultimately it will change the way we make decisions on a day to day basis because it removes virtually every barrier to collecting customer feedback. They are the perfect partners for Supportgate.com".

Supportgate.com says the SSPA Market Research Center enables companies to build a fast and easy "self service" survey. By working from survey questionnaire templates that are prepared by market research pros - or use your current survey questions - the company says you can create your own customer satisfaction survey in as little as 20 minutes and use your own customer list - or your own web-site customers - to respond to your survey. They also say that results are usually available within 24 hours and are easy to read and actionable. You can also schedule your survey to run at a regular schedule every day, week or month.

Supportgate claims there are many key benefits to utilizing the SSPA Market Research Center, including:

--Make better decisions at Internet speed. InsightExpress enhances the way you manage customer relationships by scheduling weekly surveys for automated deployment. You can now capture, analyze and capitalize on customer input every week at a fraction of the cost of traditional customer satisfaction methods.

--Get real time results. Once posted, results are available within hours. Access easy to view, real-time results anytime, anywhere, through the Internet; view graphical and tabular results display, data trending, cross tabulations, statistical significance testing.

--Reduced cost/high quality feedback. The cost for showing your customers you are responsive to their needs? Service and support managers need precise, actionable data because they're the ones who need to act - and react - in mid-direction to changes in service and support programs. InsightExpress provides you with an immediate, high quality customer feedback flow for as low as $450.

--Enhance corporate reflexes with group sharing. Understand customer complaints and issues and rapidly convert them into product improvements, new features and better tools. Group sharing allows team members to assist in survey creation and share and communicate results online via InsightExpress' messaging.

--Personalization. Brand your surveys with the look and feel of your Web site and company identity; insert logos, add color, modify fonts, imbed screenshots and include your background style.

--Increase response rates. InsightExpress respondent answer verification ensures your customers are providing answers to your questions and significantly enhances the quality of your research and response rates.

The SSPA Market Research Center and other Supportgate.com sections are available at www.supportgate.com.

  This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 10th 2001
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