Social CRM Tips: Understand Two-way Interactions

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There are CRM-related activities your company already engages in that provide a foundation for building a social CRM strategy.

Understanding that two-way interactions can have an impact on potential customers' readiness to buy and on their view of your business can translate into leads and potential sales. According to this report on CRM Buyer it also highlights how social CRM investments can pay off in concrete and measurable ways.

"While many businesses become overwhelmed or intimidated by the sheer scope of social media, smart companies take a step back and look at what's worked in the past.

"Profile Building - If they were once effective at defining customer profiles, there's no reason companies can't extend the same concept into developing social customer profiles. In other words, they can augment their regular customer profiles -- company size, needs, industry and so on -- with the social media channels that businesses with those attributes frequently use.

"If they sell B2B, and if they identify decision-makers as part of the sales process, they can become even more granular and identify the channels those decision-makers use."

  This article was originally published on Friday Feb 25th 2011
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